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November 6th, 13th, and 20th

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Join a literary and mythic pilgrimage to many of the great pilgrim sites of the West of Ireland, in the imaginative company of David Whyte and his close friends, some of whom will join the conversation as special guests.

Sea and Island

There is something about journeying back to Ireland that always feels like a return, no matter whether it is the first time or for what seems like the hundredth time. Part of the genius of everyday Irish culture is the way we are welcomed in ways large and small - in doorways, in pubs, at gatherings, at the edge of the sea or even just landing at Shannon Airport. But there is another welcome we feel deep down inside us: to the wilder shores of human reality reflected in the myths, the music and the untamed shores of the Atlantic seaboard.

Join David Whyte and his friends and family: Blackie O’Connell, Nóirín ní Riain, Patrick Dexter, Charlotte Whyte and Mícheál and Owen Ó Súilleabháin: musicians, theologians, poets and singers, for an exploration of, and pilgrimage to, the West of Ireland through the three seventy-five minute sessions of Three Sundays in November. The sessions will be a literary and mythic journey to many of the great pilgrim sites of the West of Ireland, involving not only a journey to places of great antiquity and beauty, but an internal procession through thresholds of experience every human being goes through toward any hard-won maturity they have gained for themselves.

David Whyte
Micheal O'Suilleabhain, Noirin Ni Rian, Owen O Suilleabhain
Blackie O'Connell
Patrick Dexter
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Much of David’s poetry was first formed around his mother’s deeply imaginative Irish sensibility, followed by many years of walking Irish landscapes, conversing and understanding his inheritance. From Connemara to County Clare, and from Knockadoon to County Kerry, the Irish landscape is alive with a storied past and an inherited sense of presence that bursts, freshly and continually, from that past.

In these sessions, David will not only call on the insights gained and poetry written through visiting many of the ancient pilgrim sites that seam the green fields and mountains of the West, but also a parallel journey into the Irish art of wielding the English language. There is no visiting Ireland without joining the conversation with its people and enjoying the chief revenge evolved through having been occupied for so very long: taking over the language of their conquerors and becoming some of the best exponents of English on the planet, both in their literary traditions and in the everyday speech heard in the local pub.

There is also no visit to Ireland without finding good company along the way: one of the great delights of any first visitor to Ireland is the welcome they receive and the conversation that results from that welcome. In the Irish tradition, the ability to welcome someone properly is seen as something of a fine art, almost a form of soul invitation. In this Three Sundays in November series, David will welcome you into the rich circle of friendship he has built over many years in County Clare and Connemara, and you will get to know a good few of them; some of them passed away, most of them still alive and very much kicking, through their appearance in his poetry and stories.

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Three Sundays Testimonials

These beautiful sessions have buoyed me so through the months - now nearly years - of this pandemic. Your words have spoken to me for many years (The House of Belonging is still my favorite, all the pages well worn and the binding frayed). Your choices of theme and poems always seemed divinely timed to what I needed to hear, or to ponder. My creativity has soared, and I have been inspired to let go of old wants and dreams that no longer fit, to be less "hard on myself for wanting what I want," and to really accept that I deserve to have the life I want. Each time, I have been very moved by what you say and how you've said it. Thank you for being a voice of inspiration, kindness, acceptance, and honesty through this strangely beautiful and transformative time.


Tremendous possibilities now in focus, realizing the wisdom behind thinking and living with the theme that no matter what, “ everything is still possible.” Can’t thank you enough. Every session gets better and better.


Since I’ve followed your Sundays series beginning in January this year, I’ve gained perspective I why I’m still here (on the planet.) Because of illness and separation from family, I could not see beyond my own misery. Writing didn’t come easily UNTIL I stopped. Thank you for taking us deep into the inner journey. A new door has opened, actually it’s an old, old garden gate and my job was to untangle the overgrowth that was hiding it. Blessings!  


"Each time, I have been very moved by what you say and how you've said it. Thank you for being a voice of inspiration, kindness, acceptance, and honesty through this strangely beautiful and transformative time."

- Participant, Three Sundays Series


Thank you for these Sundays that you have been doing throughout the pandemic. They have held my heart and body and mind in such a gentle and honest embrace.

- J.N.


This is opening up some exciting possibilities!

- J.C.

RETURN TO IRELAND begins Sunday, November 6th at 10:00am Pacific Time









How the Series Works 

RETURN TO IRELAND is centered around three 75-minute livestream sessions delivered via Zoom webconferencing software. 

In addition, David will present you with Tiny Disciplines in and after each session, to help bring the poetry and themes into your daily life, and also to hold the thread between the three Sundays. 

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3 Livestream Sessions with Q+A

Each session will include an hour long talk followed by a 15-minute Q+A.  

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Course Materials

You will receive preparatory materials offering food for thought for creating an environment to engage with the seminar, as well as a detailed resource document for each session.

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Daily Disciplines

In each session David will offer one or more Tiny Daily Disciplines, to help bring the poetry and themes into your daily life and hold the thread between sessions.

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